Google Photo「Free up space on your device」All the photos disappeared! How to get it back?


200 photos have disappeared from the smartphone body!

From Google Photos

「Do you want to free up space on your device? 」

If you press the button to the message of …

All the photos on the smartphone have disappeared!


Even if I hurriedly check the smartphone body and SD, it is not found anywhere … This is often happening.

In my case, 200 sheets disappeared at once.

It was easy to return one by one, but it is difficult to return 200 one by one …

Therefore! This time, I will describe how to return from Google Photos to the main unit at once!

What happened

The “Increase free space” function of Google Photos is to delete the terminal data such as smartphones among the data stored in both terminals such as smartphones and Google Photos (on the cloud).

Since the stored data remains in the cloud, you can see the photos.

However, important data is something you want to keep at hand …

You can restore these data to your device.

In fact, if you have one photo at a time, you can easily restore it by selecting the photos from Google Photos (on the cloud) and clicking “Save to device”.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort when it comes to 200 sheets like me this time …

So, I wondered if there was a way to return them all at once … I tried various things!

Among them, the following method using Google Drive is the fastest and recommended. I want to return them all at once! If so, please follow the steps below!

* Use Google Drive. The “Google Drive” app must be enabled!

Step 1 From “Google Photos” to “Google Drive”

First of all, in order to share the photos remaining on Google Photos to Drive

Open “Google Photos”. The data stored in the cloud is displayed.

Photo data saved in Google Photos (on the cloud). Actually, there were 200 sheets, but I will follow the procedure of the above 6 sheets so that I can explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.

① ☝ Select all the data you want to return to your smartphone

☝With the data selected, click the share mark above. The icon “Save to Drive” will appear, so click it! (Drive mark below)

The screen for selecting the size of the data to be saved is displayed.

Select the size of the photo.

Choosing a larger size will reduce the subsequent work time, but will make the saved image slightly rougher. I saved it in full size.

A list of selected data will be displayed, so click “Save” at the bottom right.

This will save it to the drive once (this work takes about 15 minutes)

When you’re done, close Google Photos.

Step 2 From “Google Drive” to “smartphone body”

Now open “Google Drive”.

When you open the app, the data you shared earlier is saved as shown below.

When you get here, it’s almost over! !!

Select the photo data you want to return to your smartphone.

(Blue 〇 is checked)

With the data selected, click the button with the three dots in the upper right lined up vertically!

Check all to select

☝ Click where three circles are lined up vertically in the upper right

Click “Download”! Saving to the main unit will start!

When the saving is completed … The photo data should be returned to the smartphone body!

The above is the method to return a lot of data from the cloud to the terminal at once.

Also, keep your photos organized so that this doesn’t happen!

Please refer to it!